Are you expecting a donation from Germany? Please fill out this application form so that we can register you as receiving organisation.


01. Contact request

Private persons, companies and charitable organisations with a domicile in German can donate to their preferred organisation abroad through DSZ – International Giving Foundation. The donor will make first contact with you for this process.

02. Fill out form

Please fill out the application form, upload all required documentation and submit a signed version of the promotion guidelines to use so that we can register you as receiving organisation.

03. Support

After successful verification, the project can be supported promptly. As soon as you have received the donation, you must send a written donation receipt confirmation to the DSZ – International Giving Foundation.

04. Report on expenditure of funds

With the receipt of the donation and recognition of the promotion guidelines, you must submit the corresponding verifications of the expenditure of funds to the DSZ – International Giving Foundation by legally required deadlines.

Form for receiving organisation

Please fill in the information to make a request.


1. Contact information

Please fill in the following form and upload all required documentation. We will then check your organisation for eligibility of support.
Please complete this form only if you know of a natural or legal person resident in Germany who wishes to make a donation to your organisation.


2. Purpose and programs of your organisation

Before we can implement your support, we require detailed information about your organisation. Please reply to all questions and upload the required documentation as a next step.

What is the purpose of your organisation?

Please specify the goal/purpose of the project (multiple answers are possible). If the goal/purpose of your organisation is not listed, please select the goal/purpose closest to the goal/purpose of the organisation of your choosing.

More information about the charitable purposes in Germany is available here.

3. Non-profit status and support activities

Please describe the activities of your organisation in some detail.

Describe the project to be carried out with the support of the DSZ -International Giving Foundation.

4. Upload files

* These files must be available either in the original language or in German or English.

Please upload the following documents

Other agreements / Relevant documentation

5. Dissolution of the organisation

Where will the funds go in case the organisation is dissolved?

6. Bank account information

Allocation of funds and verification

Please note the following after having received funds or donations:
The DSZ – International Giving Foundation requires all invoices in original from, a financial report as well as a detailed list / calculation of the expenditure of funds one month after utilisation or six months after receipt at the latest. In case of long-term projects, reports about the project and/or the progress must be submitted regularly (min. once per year).
Furthermore, the DSZ – International Giving Foundation requires a detailed formulated report about the project / supported measures.
Please send us an acknowledgment of receipt of the payment within five business days.